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     Since 1997, Kevin has released three CD’s of his own music which have received airplay all over the world on public and campus radio (China, Australia, Eastern Europe, Israel, the United States and Canada) and has been used in film and television in the USA (most recently on the Oprah Winfrey Show).


     Kevin has also performed drumming duties on countless studio sessions for a number of other recording artists. Through his work with a popular 80’s progressive-pop band,  Kevin worked with legendary Canadian producer Bob Gallo who produced multiple hit records for Atlantic Records and for artists such as James Brown, The Drifters, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Bo Diddley and The Young Rascals.


     A veteran of the Canadian bar circuit, Kevin performs  around the area with his own original band as well as a number of cover bands. Kevin also performs a hand and kit drumming workshop that he calls Circular Motion. He performs this workshop for corporate and educational clients for the purpose of promoting team building, performance enhancement, bonding, music therapy and exploring personal and spiritual growth.  (see menu tabs for more info). 


Kevin's primary musical activity focuses around composing original music for film, video, television, gaming and music libraries. Secondary activities are live performances, session work and his hand drumming workshop Circular Motion.


     Kevin was awarded the 2016 Niagara Music Award for Instrumental Artist of the Year.  He was also nominated in his home town of St. Catharines for a St. Catharines Arts Award for two years in a row (2015  & 2016) in the Established Artist category.  


     In 2015, Kevin started the online group The Niagara Drummers Collective (NDC).  It is a social media based support group intended for all drummers (both kit and hand drummers) , who reside in the Niagara -Hamilton corridor regardless of age or experience.  The purpose of the group is to educate, network, exchange ideas, philosophies, techniques and buy or sell gear to one another.  


     Kevin cites an eclectic range of drumming and musical influences from Buddy Rich, to Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd,  David Arkenstone, Dave Brubeck, Mike Oldfield and Pat Methany.


     Kevin is also a huge proponent of performing for charity and fund-raising events.

"It is absolutely important for me to give back. I have been blessed with talent that I don’t take for granted.  I want to use it to help other people when ever I can. For me...that’s really what life is all about!"


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