R e c o r d i n g s

F E A T U R E D   V I D E O S

O T H E R   V I D E OS

Bonsai Garden - Live

Kevin Richard Hotte  live One Man Show featuring guest appearance by Steve Cochrane.

YYZ (RUSH) - Live by Kevin Richard Hotte

My own synth version of the classic song by RUSH.

Threshold - drum solo live by Kevin Richard Hotte

Also from the One Man Show

R e c o r d i n g s

CD / A U D I O

Light & Shadow

Shape Shifter Part 2


Above The Great Divide



1.   Light & Shadow

2.   Shape Shifter

3.   Above The Great Divide

4.   Time Heals

5.   Iditarod

6.   Windows

7.   The Drum

8.   KittyHawk

9.   A New Day

10. Arcade

Highway Glide

Little Greys

Yangtze Expedition



1.  Highway Glide

2.  Campfire Glances

3.  Home Game

4.  Above The Great Divide

5.  The Shaman's Kiss

6.  Figure Skating On Moonbeams

7.  Yangtze Expedition

8.  Little Greys

9.  Illumination


Home Game II



1.  Touched

2.  Home Game II

3.  Distant Shores

4.  The Queen's Own

5.  Threshhold

6.  Pagan Nation

7.  Magellan's Quest

8.  Circusville



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