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What people are saying about Kevin and his music:

Canadian Kevin Richard Hotte, Drummer,Music composer, Recording Artist

On-line Articles 

2016 Niagara Music Awards - Peet And Reet Show


An interview I did with a magazine in Peru called La Revista Diversa. It is a magazine that celebrates diversity in the arts.



Absolutely amazing. Orchestral and progressive, highly motivating

music.  - Renee Gelpi, CIUT-FM  89.5 -  Toronto, Canada


Production is excellent and a lot of work has gone into making sure the listener gets the optimum experience -  Terry Allen, HEARD Magazine - Australia 


The album straddles the areas between progressive rock, synth music and melodic stuff  which sells by the bucketload. The album ends on an epic, filmic note.

-  Mick Garlick,  Sequences Magazine - U.K. 


Pure tonal magic. Brilliant production. The album never stagnates, it wll challenge the way you view other genres and enrich your auditory experiences.  It will surely win you over with it's creativity. Not anything like the status quo. One thing is certain, Kevin Richard is propelled by visionary inspiration. This is one songwriter who takes independence to its limits and beyond.

- Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine - U.S.A.


Richard's approach is patient, his love for sonic textures is obvious.

- Drums Etc. Magazine - Quebec, Canada


An intense emotional roller coaster ride. Kevin Richard proves to be composer extraordinare.  His music would be the perfect accompaniment for an epic film because it evokes such divine visuals. - PULSE Magazine - Ontario, Canada




  • WMBR 88.1FM - Cambridge, Mass. - (listed in top 20 June/99)

  • Radio Sky 105.5 FM - Constanta, Romania - (listed #6 in Top 10 June/99)

  • Radio Free Kansas - USA - (regular rotation)

  • Reactie Broadcasting Network - Holland, Netherlands - (regular rotation)

  • CIUT-FM 89.5 - Toronto, Canada - (regular rotation)

  • CFBU-103.7 FM - St. Catharines, Canada - (regular rotation)

  • Planete Indie - Belgium - (regular rotation)

  • RTR-FM - Australia - (regular rotation)

  • Radio OLIMP - Russia

  • Radio Shanghai - China

  • CBC Radio 2 - Vancouver, Canada

  • Open Stage Radio (Internet Radio)

  • Raghouse Media (Internet Radio)




  • Track #8 "Little Greys" is being used in the film "The Good Life" by U.S. producer Eric Moyer

  • Various tracks currently being used by a Los Angeles based television production company in their weekly travel series called "Come Travel With Me".

  • OWN Television Network (The Oprah Winfrey Show)

Paying It Forward:

Niagara artist giving others a boost

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