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Circular Motion for education and personal enrichment



Just imagine how much additional creativity we could tap into if we could only free ourselves from ourselves - no inhibitions!


Circular Motion provides high impact team building and bonding through the exploration of rhythm and the use of our higher listening skills.  Skills that for most of us have been in hibernation most, if not all of our lives.  Through his unique combination of demonstration and audience participation Kevin uses drumming sessions to re-awaken our ability to hear things on a different level than we are used to. 

It is more than just a typical, standard drumming circle! 


In this workshop drummer Kevin Richard uses drums and rhythm to focus on the principles of leadership development, interactive teamwork, out-of-the-box thinking,  self-expression, and most of all FUN!

For students of all ages and at all levels, Kevin will take them on a journey combining fundamental communication skills with his unique methodology.


Each percussion and drumming workshop is intended to bring the participants our of their shells and ease their inhibitions when it comes to social interaction and it does so with surprising impact.  So much so that the audience becomes so deeply involved in the workshop that they don't even realize they are coming out of their shells!


Circular Motion is a fun, creative way to strengthen and enrich the imagination of your your students. It will open new doors to their collective and individual creativity, and show them another way of looking at life around them. A way that they most-likely never even realize existed.


Circular Motion is the one experience that will truly and definitively bring body, mind and spirit together.

Key Benefits:


- promotes communication

- promotes leadership

- promotes bonding and team building

- builds positive spirit and morale

- encourages out-of-the-box thinking

- promotes self-expression

- develops self-confidence

- eases shyness

- reduces social awkwardness

- develops higher listening skills

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