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New Song And  Video Released!
March 23, 2023
Just released a new song and video called HARMONY, which part of my most recent album titled
Random Acts Of Music. It is available for purchase on all major streaming services.
The song was co-written with fellow musicians Darryl Kaine and Steve Norris.
New Music Video Released!
February 12, 2022
Just released a new video for my original song Threshold which was released on my 2016 album Illumination.
We Did It Again!
January  2, 2022
For the second time, Kevin has been chosen as "Best Local Musician" by his local peers.  He has been awarded the Platinum Award in the Reader's Choice Poll Awards. These awards are handed-out annually by the St. Catharines Standard newspaper, the largest news publication in the Niagara Region. Kevin has also won this award previously in 2019. 
First New Video Release Of 2021


January  2, 2021

Happy New Year!


Today I released a new video that has me jamming long-distance COVID-style with the inimitable and award winning Jazz bassist Kinga Glyk.

To see the video click on this link AN SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE:

Please take a moment to visit my YouTube channel and hit "Subscribe"


Thank you again for your support!

New Video Release

November 2, 2020

Today I released a new song and video called Shine On Brightly . It is from my 4th studio album called Random Acts Of Music.

With everything surrounding COVID-19 that is going on in our world right now, I wanted to compose a song that was uplifting to me and carried a positive message.


This song is from my 4th studio album of original music titled Random Acts Of Music. It (this song) is a tribute to the many brave medical professionals who risked their lives and used their talents to aid in the fight against C-19.


This song will be available for purchase from ALL the major online music distributors (including iTunes and Spotify) in approximately 3 weeks.


Thank you again for your support!

Reader's Choice

May 12, 2020


I just found out that I was awarded a Reader's Choice "Gold" Award for my drumming  in the "Best Local Entertainment" category by my local hometown newspaper (The St. Catharines Standard) .


Thank you to all who voted for me. It feels really great to be acknowledged by my home town!

Don't forget to visit my YouTube channel


New Video Release

December 15, 2017


New Video for the song Magellan's Quest from Illumination was released today. 


On May 4th 1989 the Magellan space probe was the first of its kind to be launched directly from the space shuttle instead of from the surface of the earth. This video salutes that accomplishment. I recommend full screen and headphones!


2017 Tour Announcement

January, 2017


OK so here is the first of two announcements that I promised to make in the New Year.

I am pleased to announce that I am taking my original show back on tour in 2017 !

This time, instead of doing my One Man Show, I'll be performing with a full band consisting of Andy Smith on Keyboards, Darryl Kaine on Bass Guitar, Mike Biancaniello on Rhythm and Lead Guitar and of course, yours truly on Drums.

We will be doing an all original show consisting of music from my 3 albums, A Different Drum, Inventing Fire and Illumination PLUS select songs from my new upcoming album titled Random Acts Of Music.

Preparations are already starting and rehearsals will commence very soon. After that I'll be soliciting booking agencies.

Wish us luck! I'm more nervous than a pane of glass at Nakatomi Towers! 


September, 2016


Kevin has been honored with an award for Instrumentalist of The Year at the 2016 NIAGARA MUSIC AWARDS.

Re-Release of Illumination

July, 2016


To commemorate the re-release of my 2011 CD project titled ILLUMINATION, I have produced and published a new music video for my song Pagan Nation.


New Project To Be Released On Non-Traditional Format 

March, 2015


After considerable research and thought, I've decided to release my next album project exclusively on branded USB flash drives rather than CD's. When tapes were big, we walked around with tape players, when CD's were big, we walked around with cd players. Now everybody has a virtual computer in their pocket via their smart phone or tablet. A lot of people may just rip the songs into iTunes and download them to their iPod or MP3 player.


Even if they download the songs, they can use the drives for storing other data but because it will be branded with my name, logo etc., I will always remain top-of-mind every time they go to use it. Flash drives just seem right for the times we are in.


The packaging will include a backing card which will contain all of the usual album graphics and credits whhich can e saved as a keep-sake.


Kevin Announces 2015 - 2016 Plans Including Live Tour

August 15, 2014


Today I am announcing my long and short term plans for 2015 -2016.  Along with playing drums in my two bands

Groove Positive and Soul Express  I am currently working on my fourth album titled Random Acts Of Music which is scheduled for release mid 2015.  Once that is completed I will begin rehearsals for a 2015 - 2016 series of  live shows.  Venues will include festivals, special events and small theatres and will be booked in and around shows I have with my other music projects.  At this time I am undecided as to whether or not I will use a full band or tour as my "ONE MAN"  show.  That decision will be made later on this year.



Reverb Nation Global Ranking

January 02, 2014


Today marks 28 weeks and counting that I have been ranked in the global Top 10 on the Reverb Nation Pop charts! 


Thank you!

The Queens Own

November 11, 2013


I released my song and video The Queens Own on Remembrance Day. It is a tribute to my late uncle and his regiment The Queens Own Rifles of Canada.  The QOR as it is known landed on Juno beach on D-Day.  They were among few units to actually accomplish their D-Day objectives.


The song/video has been met with rave reviews all around the Internet.


Here is what some people have said:


"Thank you Kevin for taking the time out to create this music & video to the dedication of The Queens Own Rifles. I find this to also be a tribute to all the men and women who served their countries in time of war."


"Kevin, I love your tribute and the music is perfect for the pictures. You could show this in schools."


"Thank-you for sharing this Kevin. It was very heart felt and you have an amazing talent. Thank-you to Your Uncle and All that fight for Our Freedom. Your music along with the video couldn't be more touching. Good job my friend"


"Wonderful job Kevin, literally gave me chills. Bravo!"


I want to send out a very special than you to everyone who took the time to listen as well as for the wonderful comments - Thank you!

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