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Circular Motion for businesses



It's time to step it up!


Just imagine how much additional creativity we could tap into if we could only free ourselves from ourselves - no inhibitions!


Circular Motion provides high impact team building and bonding through the exploration of rhythm and the use of our higher listening skills. Skills that for most of us have been in hibernation most, if not all of our lives. Through his unique combination of demonstration and audience participation Kevin uses drumming sessions to re-awaken our ability to hear things on a different level than we are used to.


There is no Kumbaya here! Instead, Kevin uses common sense and logic along with drums and rhythm to focus on the principles of leadership development, higher listening skills, interactive teamwork, and out-of-the-box thinking.  "Circular Motion is a purely ingenious way to bring people out of their shells while they don't even realize they are doing it."


Kevin will empower your team by combining fundamental communication skills with his unique methodology. Each percussion and drumming workshop will deliver tangible results with surprising impact.


Circular Motion is a fun, creative way to strengthen and enrich your corporate team, open new doors to their collective and individual creativity, and relieve the typical stresses that tend to build-up in a corporate environment.

It is truly chicken soup for the corporate soul! You will be surprised at what an hour's worth of "brain gymnastics" can do for the morale, the spirit and the overall office culture of your business.  You will actually see your staff re-discover themselves and their creative potential right before your eyes and your business will be one of the primary benefactors.  


And it is all done under the guise of entertainment and having fun!

Key Benefits:


- promotes communication 

- promotes leadership

- promotes bonding and team building

- builds positive spirit and morale

- encourages out-of-the-box thinking

- promotes self-expression

- relieves stress

- develops higher listening skills

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